... You will find bellow a few examples of the many possibilities you can benefit from us thru this interactive tool, whether for a single or recurring need, specific or global, or a simple confrontation or opinion such as :


" Niche traffic to and from Lagos is average, but what is its performance ? "











We can see that, even though its volume is limited, this destination offers a revenue almost on par with another route (Nairobi), despite the fact this route carries almost twice the number of passengers, and on a similar distance, so a yield two times higher.

That information allows the airport in question, as appropriate, to suggest this route to any airline that may be able to operate it.

" What are the main markets stimulated by a specific airline ? "








In this case, we can see that the airline generates 75% of its traffic thru connections in its Dubai hub, with a particularly important part to Jakarta far ahead of other routes also available thru connections.



" What is the point-to-point traffic performance between two competitors ? "







Even though KLM operates 6 daily flights on this route, while its competitor  easyJet only operates 3, and passenger numbers are similar in proportion, the low-cost carrier carries 20% more passengers on this specific market, and that because almost all its traffic is generated by this specific O&D, and not "improved" by a large number of connecting passengers.


There is however a arge difference in terms of yield between the two carriers, which places the Dutch national carrier in first place when it comes to the revenue generated by this route, producing a daily volume of 561 passengers each way.


These are three examples of the dozens of possibilities, and thousands of scenarios available through our tools, and we can assist you on whatever your needs may be.