Our Company

flylanova ltd

Is a privately-owned, limited liability company based in Geneva and founded by aviation and finance professionals. The company is registered with the Geneva Commercial Registry since November 2017.

Through La Nova brand, we offer our clients a premium air transport services and operate as a ‘virtual’ airline by selling seats on aircraft bearing the company visual. We therefore act as flight broker and as such arrange carriage by air on behalf of our clients by chartering aircraft from third-party European aircraft operator as their agent.


This model of operations is widely use in the industry as it avoids most of the costs linked to highly expensive infrastructure as well as heavy staff and administrative requirements, whose do not fit into the initial risk strategy of our business model. thus allowing an important reduction of costs. This strategy was used by easyJet during its startup years and commonly used by legacy or low cost airlines to meet the capacity increase during peak seasons.

Our Approach

Looking at airlines’ longlasting race to the bottom in terms of service quality, La Nova’s founders, who all experienced the exiting time of 'Skygods', have decided to set up a concept bringing the client in the focus of concern, in an aim of  making air transport not a burden anymore, but a long-lost enjoyment.


Standing in the gap between legacy airlines – much too busy competing against low-cost carriers and the business aviation which remains available to a social elite only, La Nova stick to a segment that allows a simple, fast and affordable solution linked to highly personnalized service.


La Nova will first avoid large airports coverage and focus on reaching destinations badly or not covered by airlines, with limited links to closest cities.

A well-calibrated network mapping allows our clients to benefit from important time-saving, not only for a business day trip but also a family weekend at one our exclusive covered destinations.


A simple and optimized fare structure showing two fare categories only as well as two programs for frequent flyers are offered to ensure the most adequate solution to our clients’ needs.


Finally, a more exclusive service will be offered as from autumn 2019 through a fleet of business aircraft available for both of scheduled or on-demand flights.




flylanova Ltd

Geneva - Switzerland

flylanova is a flight broker and as such arranges carriage by air on behalf of its customers by chartering aircraft from third-party aircraft operators as agent of its customers. flylanova only acts as an intermediary, does not itself operate aircraft and is not a contracting or an indirect carrier.

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